How To Take CBD Oil Drops & When To Take Them

Are you wondering how many CBD Oil Drops to take and how to take them? This article gives guidance on how to take CBD Oil Drops.

cbd oil drops

If you are like me when I first started using CBD Oil Drops, you are probably wondering what effect this plant extract could probably have!

Now I would not be without my CBD Oil!!

It was a couple of friends from the US who first told me about CBD Oil drops. WOW, what an amazing product!

However, when starting to take CBD Oil it is crucial that you start off taking it SLOWLY, with a low serving. This means that no matter how desperate you are to experience its benefits you must contain yourself and not be tempted to take too much to start with.

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What is the best way to take CBD Oil?

best way to take cbd oil

Why take CBD Oil Drops low and slow?

Everybody has an Endocannabinoid system, which has Receptors located throughout the body that the CBD attaches to.

However, as we have evolved our CBD Receptors have been used less and less. Therefore, it is important not to “shock” these CBD Receptors.

This is because when you first start taking CBD Oil it can cause you to feel a lot worse before you feel better. It’s like a kind of “detox”.

Once they start receiving the CBD Oil, these Receptors will start producing more Receptors. As this number increases, your body can then start to cope with higher servings of CBD.

This is why you need to start with a low number of CBD Oil drops and increase the serving gradually.

Some symptoms may be helped by a small number of drops each day, but others will need more. It is a question of gradually increasing the number of drops each day until you start to feel the benefit.

However, if you take too much CBD Oil in the beginning, you can shock what CBD receptors you do have. This may stall, or even reverse any improvements you may be feeling, while the Receptors recover.

This can also intensify any Detox symptoms you may experience.

Here’s one person’s experience of “Detox” when starting to take best quality CBD Oil

Recommended starting number of CBD Oil Drops

START LOW  once or twice a day. Then SLOWLY increase by a small number every 3-6 days.

Increase the number of drops very gradually, until you get to the point where you feel that you don’t have anything left to improve.

If things start to worsen, then reduce the number of drops. This is called “self titration”.

Remember, everyone is different. You are working out YOUR optimum serving size to find your “sweet spot”.

However, be aware that your “sweet spot” can change over time. Be prepared for this and make adjustments to the amount of CBD Oil you are taking if it happens.

Remember, however, that everyone is different and what may improve with a smaller serving for some may need a larger amount for others.

It may just take a day or two to find the serving of CBD Oil that is right for you, but it may also take a lot longer.


When to take CBD Oil Drops

To begin with, start with a low serving, in the morning. If you don’t notice a difference, or if it seems to ‘wear off’, take more about 12 hours later.

Keep doing this for a couple days and then increase by a small amount.

When you start to notice that the CBD Oil is working on what you want it to, you can stick to that serving size.

However, if you have additional concerns that you want to resolve, then continue increasing slowly until you find the CBD Oil is doing what you want.

Once you are happy with the effect the CBD Oil is having on you, then level off. This means that you’ve found your “sweet spot”.

How long will a bottle of CBD Oil Drops last?

A 10 ml bottle of Tessellate CBD oil contains 200 drops. This means that if two drops a day is all you wish to use, a bottle should last 100 days.

Many people find that, because of the concentration of CBD Oil, other Cannabinoids plus the Terpenes present in Tessellate, the number of drops needed is far less than other brands.

Once you know your serving size, it’s easy to work out how long a bottle will last.

How to measure and take the drops of CBD Oil

I take my CBD Oil by looking in the bathroom mirror. This means that it is easy to count out the drops.

Other people I know count the drops out onto a spoon.

Either way, the CBD Oil needs to be placed under the tongue. This is because the Sublingual glands under the tongue enable more rapid and efficient absorption into the body.

cbd oil drops

I have also seen testimonials from others who don’t measure drops, but go by the dropper full. In my opinion this is less accurate and could turn out to be a lot more expensive!

CBD Oil Side Effects

If you follow the recommendations to start low and slow, you will dramatically reduce the chance of being hit by the effects of “Detox”.

Detoxing is basically your body getting rid of the toxins and bacteria that have been accumulating in your body over time.

By starting low with a small serving of CBD Oil Drops and increasing the amount slowly, you can reduce (or even eliminate) any Detox effects that may be experienced when you first start taking CBD Oil.


This will help your body flush out the toxins and lessen the chances of problems. If you find you are getting headaches, then drink a glass of water. It works for me every time!

cbd oil drops

However, if you think you’re detoxing, DON’T STOP TAKING THE CBD OIL. The Detox reaction is telling you that the CBD Oil is working!

Simply reduce how much you’re taking and when the detox symptoms disappear, start increasing the number of drops again.

Remember, LOW AND SLOW!

This is why you should not find any serving suggestions on any bottle of CBD Oil. Everybody absorbs pure CBD Oil differently!

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**Store out of reach of young children
**Do not exceed recommended dose
**Please note**
This CBD product is a supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Do you have any questions about taking CBD Oil drops?
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