Comparing CBD Oils UK – What you need to know!

 Comparing CBD Oils UK

comparing cbd oils UK

When comparing CBD Oils UK, it is important to consider not just the price. It is said:

“you get what you pay for”

and this is certainly true with CBD Oil – to a point.

However, the more the CBD Oil costs does not necessarily guarantee better quality.

The CBD Oil I take is very much “middle of the range” as far as pricing goes and is actually better quality than one that is THREE times the price!

Questions to ask when looking for quality CBD Oil

These are the questions to ask before deciding which Brand of CBD Oil to try:

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This is What You Should Expect from Full Spectrum CBD Oil

best quality CBD Oil

Chart Comparing Some CBD Oils UK

The chart below compares a selection of the CBD Oils available in the UK. However, although some come highly recommended on various CBD Websites, not all contain just CBD Oil.

This means that while price will be a huge consideration for many, the cheaper CBD Oils may not be good value. It depends on exactly how much pure CBD Oil is used and if fillers have been added or not.


Comparing some of the CBD Oils available in the UK

(and Europe)

BrandTessellateProvocanHempuraLove HempCBD Life UKLove CBD
Product NameTessellate CollectiveProvocan CBD OilHempura 500mg Love Hemp 800mgAqua Drops 400mgLove CBD 500mg Dutch CBD Oil
Product Description500mg CBD 5% Hemp Seed OilPremium Hemp Infused LiquidBroad Spectrum CBD OilCBD Rich Hemp Extract DropsWater Soluble CBDThe Cannabis Food Supplement
Drops or Spray?DropsDropsDropsDropsDropsSpray
Company based inUKIsraelUKUKUKUK
Manufactured inUKEuropeGreat BritainUSAHolland
Hemp Country of OriginEUEuropeEastern EuropeEU & USANetherlands, Lithuania, Slovenia and Croatia
Brand IngredientsCannabis Sativa L. Oil (Hemp Oil)
Cannabis Sativa L. Extract (CBD Oil)
Hemp Plant Extract, Oleo Europea (Olive Oil)Cannabis sativa hemp extract, hemp oilHemp Extract (Peppermint oil in the flavoured oil)Hemp Extract, Water, Curcumine, Vegetable Glycerin, Triglycerides, Myrcene, B-caryophyllene, Limonene, Pinene, Linalool, Sodium bicarbonateCannabis Extract, Olive Oil
Organic?yesdoes not sayyesdoes not saydoes not saydoes not say
Non-GMO?yesyesdoes not sayyesdoes not saydoes not say
Extraction MethodCO2 does not sayCO2CO2CO2CO2
Lab reports availableyesrequest via websiteyes, on websitenot available online does not sayyes, on website
Size10ml10ml 10ml10ml10ml20ml
No of drops in bottle200200 (minimum)200does not saydoes not saydoes not say
Cost per 10 ml£46.9969.9936.9949.9939.9514.5
* Conversion rates will vary from day to day


How to Take CBD Oil

My own research has informed me that the best way to take CBD Oil is sublingually (under the tongue).

I take mine in front of a mirror, to make it easy to count out the amount of drops. This helps monitor the exact amount of CBD being taken.

This means that it is easier to make adjustments as necessary. It also makes it easier to determine my own personal “sweet spot”.

Everyone is very different in the way the human body absorbs and uses CBD Oil. Therefore, it is crucial to know exactly how much is being taken, so the number of drops can be increased or reduced as necessary.

Compared to using droppers, spraying CBD into the mouth is extremely inaccurate when it comes to measuring how much CBD is being taken.

This is the Brand of CBD Oil I can personally recommend


quality cbd oil

tessellate collective cbd oil

**Store out of reach of young children
**Do not exceed recommended dose
**Please note**
This CBD product is a supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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